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The Huicholes of the Nayar mountains communicate the legends and myths of their culture through stunning works of art. Their yarn paintings are the most expressive in their story telling. With their bold graphics and most intricate use of colorful thread, each piece is uniquely different than any other. This pieces is truly stunning, with a combination of bright and vivid color depicting a peyote ceremony.

The artist was working in a shady part of a cobble stone street. Her two sons sitting at either side of her passing her beads or threads. She said Sundays were her favorite days, she loved spending the time talking to people like me interested in her life's work. It took her four hours each way to make it to town from her mountain top home, to work. She told me the story of this particular yarn painting and I promised I would tell it to the next:

"We use peyote in ceremonies to reach the mystical connection to the earth we've lost. The God Cayumare brings us the harvest, we pray for the wealth and health of our tribes while giving thanks to our ancestors."

  • Outer dimensions: 18 x 18
  • Original artwork; one of a kind
  • Custom white wooden frame
  • Ships in 3-5 business days